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Huge Potential Surrounds Columbus' Most Anticipated Retailer

Yes, Ikea is in Columbus, and anchors the Polaris 91 development.

As the 2nd Ikea store in Ohio, customers are flocking to its eclectic mix of home furnishings, housewares and food. Its regional pull will expand Polaris' retail and hospitality reach to a much broader customer base.

The Gemini Place roadway extension, east to Worthington Road, creates new opportunities for office, retail, hospitality, entertainment and residential venues while at the same time completing the Twin Interchange, and providing much needed traffic relief.

If being near the most sought after retailer in Columbus would boost your business, POLARIS 91 is the Center of Commerce for you!

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120+ Acres of Available Land

1 Dedicated Freeway Interchange

35k+ Estimated Daily Traffic Count


Many opportunities are available in the POLARIS 91 development.


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