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Volkswagen is coming to POLARIS

The first new car dealership slated for the POLARIS area.

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Volkswagen is coming to POLARIS

Volkswagen is all set to open the first new car dealership in the Polaris area.

In a revival of a proposal from 2015, Germain Automotive Partnership has announced plans to build a 26,000-square-foot Volkswagen dealership on the 7.5-acre parcel at the northeast corner of Polaris Parkway and Worthington Road.

The new dealership, officially dubbed "Germain Volkswagen of Polaris", is set to facilitate a unique experience with a strong emphasis on Volkswagen's new electric vehicle (EV) lineup.

The site is set to feature a new vehicle showroom and service facilities with 378 spaces for inventory and parking, 10 EV charging stations, a full height green wall, and a multi-use park area with a pavilion.

Stay tuned for more details.

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