POLARIS Property Owners Information - Columbus, Ohio

Documents & Information for Area Tenants

POLARIS Owners Association

POLARIS is administered by the POLARIS Owners Association (POA). The POA is comprised of landowners and tenants located at POLARIS. The POA is governed by a board of directors who is responsible for implementing, administering and enforcing the Declaration of Protective Covenants. The POA is responsible for maintaining and managing common areas including but not limited to the POLARIS and Gemini Place interchanges.

The Protective Covenants ensure a quality development through design, architectural and landscape standards. All owners are subject to the Protective Covenants and are responsible for contributing to the annual budget.

Please download a copy of the documents covering these items below.

POLARIS Community Fund

NP Limited Partnership, the developer of POLARIS, created the POLARIS Community Fund, which is administered by the Community Foundation of Delaware County. NP has committed to a financial contribution of $500,000 over a 10 year period to fund various philanthropic and charitable endeavors. NP hopes that other owners will follow its lead and contribute to this fund in the name of POLARIS.

If you're interested in making a contribution to the POLARIS Community Fund please contact us.